Zambia Chamber of Small and Medium Business Associations

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Mission, Vision and Corporate Values

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To Promote the Sustainable Growth And Profitability of MSMEs through Lobbying and Advocacy for a Supportive Business Environment and by Facilitating Demand-driven Business Development Services.

To Unlock the power of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise MSMEs

Corporate Values
The preceding values are the belief, traits and behavioural norms that the Chamber’s personnel   are expected to display in conducting the Chamber’s business and pursuing its vision and strategies.

  • Candour when required
  • Minimum standards as part of Code of Conduct
  • Development of professional HR practices recognition of employees as valuable and are seen as such.
  • Adhere to all regulations (Taxes and NIS etc.)
  • Keeping track of emerging threats to businesses
  • Keeping track of emerging opportunities
  • Reporting to members on threats/opportunities
  • Providing market information to members
  • Proactive approach to responding to members grievances/concerns.
  • Members/office bearers take responsibility to fulfill the Chamber’s mandate
  • Fulfill obligations in a timely manner
  • Actions must represent the concerns of all
  • Decisions should be transparent and fair
  • Work with like-minded organizations for the benefit of MSMEs



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