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Background on ZCSMBA

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ZCSMBA was established in January 2000 as a national body representing the interests of small and medium enterprises in Zambia. ZCSMBA was formally registered as an Association under the Societies Act Chapter 119 on 28th March 2000. It is the only private sector organization which represents the interests of MSMEs across the whole country through its network of Business Associations in 69 of the 72 districts of Zambia.

The USAID was instrumental in identifying the need for the development of the MSME sector following the macro-economic reforms in 1991. A bilateral cooperation Agreement was subsequently signed between the USAID Mission and the then National Commission for Development Planning (NCDP). The Agreement, among others, resulted in the establishment of the Human Resources Development Project (HRDP) as a framework for USAID’s contribution to private sector development. HRDP interventions were primarily targeted at business training for the MSMEs sub-sector. ZCSMBA was born as an exit strategy of the HRD Project after five years in operation (1995 – 1999).

The Chamber is organized for the protection and promotion of trade, business, trade and services, influencing policy decisions, collecting and disseminating relevant information and fostering relationships between Government, Business and Society. It is also a registered training provider since 2004. For the past three years, ZCSMBA has been a training provider Grade A, under the TEVETA grading system.

ZCSMBA is now one of Zambia’s most successful Business Membership Organizations (BMO). For  over ten years, it has played an important role in creating a more enabling environment for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through lobbying and advocacy efforts and through providing and facilitating Business Development Services (BDS) to MSMEs. Over the last five years, ZCSMBA has grown and is well known and respected for its role in MSME development amongst MSME business associations and public, private and civil society sectors in Zambia.



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